This Map Represents My Life For the Next 5 Weeks





For our area in Houston to focus on, my group decided on sheet 9 from the 1907 collection of Sanborn maps. This area has some interesting features such as t’s close location to Buffalo Bayou River, and its accompanying railroad and gas companies. There are also some historical places such as the Mansion House, which stands as a museum to this day. My area is section 25. I liked this section because it has both the Palace Hotel and Globe Hotel. I looked back to the 1885 Sanborn collection and the Globe Hotel is still standing so I think that hotel should have a long and rich history to explore. In the upper corner of my block, there is also a very large dwelling so I am intrigued to find out who lives there. Hopefully I can contain my rapture during this project at all the information on Houston I will uncover.


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